Lifestyle in Canada

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Home Travel Travel Canada. Last year, I moved to Canada from India as a permanent resident. Having ly lived in both England and the United States, I figured life in Canada would instantly feel cozy and familiar. How wrong I was!

Moving to Canada—and acclimatizing to life in this land of genuinely polite and progressive people—involves so much more than getting a PR card. However short-lived some of them may seem stand up, summer! That winter coat you purchased in India before moving to Canada? In Decemberdaytime temperatures in Toronto were colder than the surface of Mars. With one Canadian winter under my belt, I now fully understand why everyone here flocks to patios and strips down to the bare essentials at the first of summer.

For those of us more used to a sub-tropical climate, it may not seem warm enough to Lifestyle in Canada shorts and sandals on the May long weekend, but trust me—Canadians have earned that right, simply for having survived another winter. Check out the long-range summer forecast across Canada. Moving to Canada is costly.

Lifestyle in Canada

Granted, Lifestyle in Canada moved to Toronto—tied with Vancouver as the most expensive place to live in Canada. From housing to shopping to eating out, everything costs more than its equivalent in India—and the amounts stated on the price tags are just the starting point. Native-born Canadians are adept at the mental calculations involved in working sales Lifestyle in Canada into the stated prices of everything they purchase. For newcomers, however, the added costs can be a shock to the system and a strain on the purse strings.

The stereotype of Canadian politeness is as real as maple syrup is sweet. What could be more Canadian than that? Third-party health insurance often provided through your employer can help offset the often exorbitant prices Canadians pay for dental and eye care, as well as medicines. Find out which Canadian province has the longest walk-in clinic wait-times. Just how deeply engrained is tipping in Canadian culture? Here are 10 iconic Canadian dishes —and the best places in the country to find them.

No matter how extensive your qualifications and professional experience, having your credentials recognized in the Canadian marketplace is going to be difficult. Bring as much documentation transcripts, etc. If you work in a highly specialized field, it could literally take years to become fully accredited to practice in Canada—a fact that sadly many urban cab drivers will share with you. Sad but true, Canadians pay some of the highest wireless prices in the world.

Unlike other parts of the world, where pay-as-you-go or prepaid plans are commonplace, most mobile phone plans in Canada are purchased on a contract basis. To avoid using more data than your plan allows, make it a habit to connect to public WiFi as often as possible. Canada is the antithesis of a class-based society. One of the things I had the hardest time wrapping my head around upon moving to Canada was the notion of paying a bank to keep my money. Tip: Canadian banks often add service charges to debit transactions as a further incentive to use credit cards.

This, combined with high introductory credit card limits, make it easy for newcomers to spend beyond their means and fall into debt right after moving to Canada. Consider yourself warned! Even if you can find someone who specializes in repairs, the sad reality is that getting things fixed in Canada often costs as much as buying a replacement. Culture shock works both ways!

Lifestyle in Canada

Here are the things Canadians travelling to India should know before they go. While being rich is never going to be unfashionable in this world, the extravagant displays of wealth that are admired in India will likely make Canadians roll their eyes.

While Canadians have a well-earned reputation for being friendly and polite, immigrants from India often find them to be very private—almost withdrawn—in comparison. Be patient, and remember that the hallmarks of a good friendship are relative: just as the weather and geography in Canada is different, the emotional landscape is different as well.

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Lifestyle in Canada

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Lifestyle in Canada

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