Lonely needing some Essex

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If you need emotional support please now on option 2. Being stuck at home alone for long periods of time can be draining and demotivating. Feeling isolated can cause fear, anxiety, depression and have a negative impact on your health. Our Emotional Support Team are here to listen and direct you to the help you need at this difficult time.

Our lives are full of change. Some changes can be fun. Some of the changes which we experience as we age can bring challenge with them. Change affects all of us in a range of different ways. In recent times we have all experienced large and rapid changes at the same time. Everyone has done their best to adapt as quickly as they can. Many people have lost family members and friends or experienced a decline in their own health and wellbeing. Our caring team are here- ready and willing to listen, support and guide you.

Lonely needing some Essex

We know that lack of social contact has a negative affect on our health and wellbeing. Loneliness, living alone and having poor social connections are linked to depression, dementia and poor overall health.

Lonely needing some Essex

There are even links between loneliness and isolation and earlier death. Maintaining a healthy balance of all the different aspects of our lives is essential to our overall wellbeing. Not having enough money, being unable to leave your home, having no-one to talk to can all impact how you feel and cope with other issues you may face.

We can look at the overall picture with you and identify small steps to help you feel more in control and a sense of balance.

Lonely needing some Essex

Sometimes just having some to really listen can make all the difference. It is a basic human need to feel close to and valued by others. Our social relationships promote wellbeing and help support our mental health. Exercise is essential in promoting overall wellbeing for us all. Regular physical activity lowers depression and anxiety. Noticing your environment and becoming more aware helps us to be more present. This in turn helps us to identify our priorities more clearly. Continuing to learn throughout life helps us to remain present. Learning new things is also linked to better self esteem and recognised to alleviate depression for those in later years.

Doing things which help others improves our own happiness and wellbeing.

Lonely needing some Essex

Volunteering improves our health in many ways. It helps lessen depression, reduce anxiety and stress and other mental health conditions too.

Lonely needing some Essex

Volunteering also helps us to cope better with illness. We feel more connected, less lonely and get a sense of satisfaction from doing something meaningful. It is really helpful to have something else to focus on when we are stressed. Our Emotional Support Volunteering activities offer a fantastic chance to take care of your own wellbeing whilst offering valuable support to others. Talk to us today to find out more. Become an Emotional Support Volunteer now option 2.

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Lonely needing some Essex Lonely needing some Essex

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