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Metrics details. Little is known about actions taken by female sex workers FSWs after male condom failure during male—female sexual intercourse. Snowballing technique was used to recruit study participants in four purposively selected study sites. Focus group discussions and in-depth interviews were conducted by trained research assistants among 40 FSWs.

Data were analyzed using thematic content analysis. Study participants reported having taken different actions after condom failure. Out of 18 FSWs who experienced condom failure, 10 reported to have stopped sex immediately and changed the condom and then d afterwards. They thought the actions taken were enough for HIV and pregnancy prevention. Out of the 18 FSWs, only 3 stopped sexual intercourse completely and sought medical care which included post-exposure prophylaxis for HIV, STI treatment, and emergency contraceptives.

The remaining 2 FSWs reported not to have stopped sexual intercourse and no any other actions were taken after the condom failure. We report some inadequate behaviors among FSWs after condom failure. Health programs should develop interventions and support the performance of safer sex and actions after condom failure among FSWs to prevent STIs including HIV, and unplanned pregnancies.

Peer Review reports. Little is known about actions taken by female sex workers FSWs during male—female sex after condom failure in semi-urban Blantyre, Malawi. Condom failures bursting and or slip in the middle of sex have been reported among FSWs and their male clients [ 12 ]. They are several personal and public health concerns because condom failures expose female sex workers and their clients to sexually transmitted infections STIs and possible unintended pregnancy for the former in the absence of effective contraceptives [ 34 ].

In Malawi the HIV prevalence among adult general population is around 8.

Ladies seeking sex Pep New Mexico

It is therefore important to explore actions taken by female FSWs after condom failure. Condom failure may be arising from improper use while in some instances breakages or slips are deliberately caused by clients [ 13141516 ]. A study conducted in Mombasa, Kenya on actions taken by FSWs after experiencing condom failure reported that FSWs had mixed options following these incidences: few singled out emergency contraceptives, several sought health care services and the majority did not know what do or where to go for assistance [ 12 ].

Taking no action after condom failure is similar to having condomless sex and this has potential to contribute to STI and HIV transmission and acquisition and unplanned, and possibly unwanted, pregnancies [ 17 ]. The study was conducted between May and July In this cross sectional study, we used qualitative methods to collect data on actions taken by FSWs after condom failure in semi urban Blantyre.

The study was conducted in four purposively selected townships of Chirimba, Lunzu, Kachere, Mbayani located in semi -urban Blantyre, Southern region of Malawi. Southern Malawi has the highest HIV prevalence among the general population compared to the other two regions of the country Center and North. The study participants were aged between 18 and 49 years, who agreed to have exchanged sex for money or goods and ed the consent.

The sample had a mixture of brothel and street based women. These study participants were then Ladies seeking sex Pep New Mexico to invite their colleagues through a snowballing technique. Three female research assistants were involved in data collection: one was taking notes, the other one was facilitating the discussions and the third was sound recording the conversation.

Recruitment at all four study sites continued until there was saturation and redundancy in the data being collected. In total 40 FSWs were recruited. In all, six FGDs and ten in-depth interviews were performed.

Ladies seeking sex Pep New Mexico

On average each session of FGD had 5 study participants. Interviews and FGDs lasted between 45 and 60 min. In-depth interviews were done after FGDs. The interviews explored the following topics: general, socio-economic and demographic background of the informant. There were questions on: experience with condom failure, e. There were also questions on action taken by the study participants after condom failure e.

In this study we define female sex workers as women who sell sex in the exchange of money or goods. Condom breakage was defined as rupture of a condom during sexual intercourse. Condom slip is getting out of a condom from a penis during sexual intercourse.

Condom failure was defined as breaking, leaking, or slipping off during penetrative sexual intercourse. Data were analyzed manually using thematic content analysis relating to the objectives of the study.

Ladies seeking sex Pep New Mexico

After data transcription, themes were identified and codes were developed. Similar themes were categorized accordingly [ 20 ]. The Blantyre District Council Office granted permission to conduct the study. We got clearance from the local authorities chiefs before the study started.

Study participants were informed of the study and requested to volunteer. Written consents were obtained before the study participants were enrolled. All the information which was provided by the participants was treated with confidentiality.

Cash reimbursement of Malawi Kwacha MK We recruited a total of 40 study participants; 20 were between the age of 18 and 24 years. Half 20 participants of the same study participants had steady partners. Twenty-one FSWs interviewed had attended only primary school as their highest level of academic achievement. Twenty-five of the FSWs interviewed were Christian. Thirty participants reported selling sex mainly at night clubs, and streets, while 10 FSWs reported to sell sex in Ladies seeking sex Pep New Mexico.

I always try my best to avoid condom failure [Age range 25—30 years old FSW]. They discuss with us many issues on contraceptives. We are also taught how to help clients to use condoms properly. We know that if condoms are not used properly our clients may infect us.

Eighteen out 40 FSWs experienced condom failure. Only five out of 18 FSWs tried to stop having sex:. One day this man took me for sex in his house. He promised me good money and we had sex. After ejaculation he did not remove his penis, after few minutes he slept. I tried to pull myself out but the condom remained. I did not go to the hospital because it was too late. The condom was removed the following day at the nearest hospital.

He took me to his home we agreed on the amount to pay me. Everything was set. We started well, but later he decided to change the style. He recommended the doggy style and he was very rough than before, then the condom ruptured. He ejaculated in me. It was a deliberate action. I told him to stop but he refused. I felt very bad!!!!

Ladies seeking sex Pep New Mexico

Asked the facilitator. Did you tell anybody else? The following day I went to the hospital, I explained everything then I was treated with injections and pills. They tested my blood then they told me that I am HIV positive, I am not sure if I got the virus from the men I had sex with or this last client. Condom failure was not an issue. While having sexual intercourse we realized that the condom has ruptured. I told the man to come out and ejaculate outside but he refused and he said that he will give me MK 20, Kwacha, I accepted then he continued until he finished.

That day I made enough money to feed my children.

Ladies seeking sex Pep New Mexico

What we want is money. We are already sick. Some men refuse to use condoms. We accept them. We charge them for condomless sex. FGD 4. I am a sex worker and I know already the risks, I can catch HIV and other sexual transmitted infections. As long as he pays me well, he can continue enjoying the sex even after condom rupture. Out of 18 FSWs who experienced condom failure, ten reported to have stopped sex immediately, changed the condom before resuming intercourse. Due to stigma and discrimination FSWs often were not willing to share their experience on condom failure with anybody else.

Ine zinandichitikira, kondomu inaphulika I experienced condom failure I shared my experience with one closest friend who is also a FSW. It is not good to share the experience with anybody else. Even if you discuss about it with your client it is just a waste of time. He can shout at you. To go to the hospital, manyazi!

I failed to go to the hospital because I was feeling shy to explain the incident to the health care provider Only God knows. After urinating, squatting, or douching, sperm and all viruses come out. But HIV…. I am not sure, but pregnancy no!!

Ladies seeking sex Pep New Mexico Ladies seeking sex Pep New Mexico

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